2020 Question and answers

Osele Iruomachukwu – Burkina Faso Rep

Answer: It’s important for people to be socially aware of happenings in the world and freedom of press is important for the smooth functioning of democracy so one must have the power to criticize the government so that it’ll keep the administration on their toe to do better for the country

Theresa – Madagascar Rep

Answer: bad government is the biggest issue and best way to solve it is by eradicating the corrupt leaders and replacing them with new leaders

Sharon Minabi- Kenya Rep

answer: “In Kenya, there are many laws I feel are good for the citizens of Kenya, so there is currently no law that should be reviewed but one law that should be passed and strictly adhered to, is the law that protects women. Women in Kenya are being treated like second class citizens and it’s not supposed to be so. Thank you “

Joy Agbozi – Tanzania Rep.

Answer – This Question hits right home cos as a child I was bullied alot until I learnt to stand up for myself..

The advice I will give to every child out there that is being bullied is always stand up for yourself because the person bullying you isn’t better than you..

Rehanna Ojeniyi – South Africa Rep

Answer: Sexual assault has continued to remain a pressing issue because of approach taken to reported cases of sexual assault. Rather than addressing the issue, you may find that victims of sexual are being blamed for the assault as questions of their whereabouts, their dressing and manner of conduct are raised when victims come forward with their stories..
In order to experience any real progress in the fight against sexual assault and other sexual related violence, we may curb sexual assault apologists and victim blaming/shaming. And not only make but “enforce” rules against sexual assault and other sexual related violence. Perpetrators must know that there are real consequences to their actions. I believe with a system that doesn’t enable sexual assault, we would headway.

Chinaza Miracle- Niger Republic Rep

Answer : Pageantry isn’t just about the catwalk, beauty or pretty dresses, it goes beyond looks to projects such as intelligent, poise, charity, and uniqueness…it’s a platform where young ladies are tutored on how to build their courage and be an advocate to younger ladies.. So I will beseech our parents to change their negativity about pageantry. Thank Yu